What is a good website anyway?

I’ve spent enough time on the internet to know a good website from a bad one. Of this I am fairly confident. And I would imagine that you too know a good website from a bad one. For example, when you read a fun article and reach the bottom of the page and are immediately greeted with eight random images asking if you could possibly believe how someone you kind of remember from TV looks today, or an upload picture of a fungus that may or may not be growing on a human appendage, then you most certainly have found yourself on a bad website, regardless of the quality of the aforementioned article.

And that’s what this site is dedicated to interrogating. Why does good writing appear on horrible webpages? Why are horrible website proliferating through the internet? Can we stop it?

There is a belief that everything was better back in the day (and by ‘the day’ we’re usually talking about the late 90s through the creation of the iPhone). This sentiment is typically held by people who were alive and in their teens and twenties during this time. As such, the claims that these times were better tends to come off as complainy and nostalgic. (Is it a coincidence that these people also feel like the music and movies from this time period was also better? Next your going to tell me that SNL had its best cast during this period!). Standing behind 1 billion caveats, it is certainly true that the internet was simpler during this time.

A perfectly serviceable website.